Protect your plaster cast



If you’ve had an accident and broken a bone, it’ll be set to mend in a protective cast, made from plaster of Paris or fiberglass. Fiberglass is lighter, can get wet without serious damage, and lasts for longer.

But whether it’s plaster of Paris or fiberglass, your cast has cotton padding underneath to protect the skin and underlying bones from direct contact or pressure from the cast. But, and we can’t stress this enough, under absolutely no circumstances should the cotton padding get wet.

How to Protect Your Cast

  • Protect your cast until it completely dries: 2 to 3 days for plaster, 1 for fiberglass
  • Keep your cast dry when you bath or shower
  • To reduce swelling around the cast, apply ice in a dry plastic bag or ice pack (the ice should go half way around the cast)
  • Elevate the injured limb during the first few days. This helps to reduce swelling and discomfort
  • Exercise your fingers or toes; this also helps to reduce swelling
  • Use an emery board to smooth any rough cast edges
  • Do not scratch or poke anything under your cast

 How to Keep Your Cast Dry

It’s vitally important to keep your cast dry whenever bathing, showering or doing anything else involving water, like swimming, sailing or washing the car. Although a fiberglass cast is impervious to water damage, if the cotton lining becomes wet, it may cause skin irritation and possible skin breakdown. That’s why we always recommend using an AquaShield Cast Protector when wearing a cast and coming into contact with water. If your cotton lining does get wet and the skin becomes itchy, seek medical advice.


Using an AquaShield Cast Protector

The opening of your AquaShield Cast Protector has been pre-sized to fit your limb. It stretches easily over the cast and fits snugly over your limb above the cast. Under no circumstances should you try to enlarge the opening by cutting it. This will irreversibly damage your AquaShield Cast Protector and render it useless. Watch the below videos to see how to properly fit your AquaShield Cast Protector.

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