About AquaShield

Cast covers


AquaShield is all about protection. Waterproof, dependable protection for wounds encased in casts and bandages, allowing them to heal properly.

AquaShield plaster cast covers feature latex-free, heavy-gauge polyurethane, an advanced material known for strength and elasticity. With specially-designed cast cover for arms, legs, in adult and children sizes, AquaShield products are ideal for the whole family.

AquaShield plast cast covers include pre-formed openings that can be stretched to five times their original size, and yet instantly return to within three percent of their original dimensions. Made from one single piece of polyurethane, with no straps, buckles or pumps, AquaShield plaster cast covers slide easily over casts and bandages, creating a comfortable, watertight seal.

With an AquaShield plaster cast covers, you and your family are free to get on with life, even when carrying an injury. Shower, bathe and even go swimming in your cast or bandage, safe if the knowledge that it will stay safe and dry.


What you need to know about AquaShield cast covers


A continuous seal makes each AquaShield plaster cast covers completely watertight, even when swimming, after entrapped air is released.


AquaShield cast plaster covers foot model feature exclusive SkidSafe™ non-slip soles, making AquaShield the safest cast cast cover to use in wet, slippery environments like bathrooms and changing rooms.


AquaShield plaster cast covers are safe for use outdoors, they won’t tear over fibreglass, and they outlast convalescence.


AquaShield cast covers are 100% latex-free, making them kind on your skin.

Easy to use:

With no cutting or sizing required, and no pumps, straps or buckles either, your new AquaShield palster cast covers are ready to use right away.


AquaShield plaster cast covers can be folded and stored flat, meaning they require minimal storage space


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